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We are Transforma and we are pleased to welcome you to our showroom
We are Transforma and we are pleased to welcome you to our showroom.

For the convenience of our clients, we have created a perfectly thought-out space forfitting out luxury real properties with all the necessary furniture items, lighting fixtures and accessories. Here you can find all the elements of the interior, both in stock in the showroom, and you can make your choice from the assortment of lots of European factories.

Welcome a Transformа design studio showroom

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Showroom was established by designers, whose main goal is not just to sell and make a profit. We offer a wide range of service - we help our clients to qualitatively improve their residential and commercial premises (offices and restaurants) by looking at the facility that needs to be decorated with furniture, lighting fixtures etc. in a complex way.
Moreover, we provide additional services of a comprehensive FF&E selection for all premises of the projected facility.

Development of an individual interior design project

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Our showroom presents exclusive lines of furniture products from the best brands, each element of which complements the overall picture of the interior with exceptional quality and premium reliability. The main highlight of the Showroom can rightfully be considered the Anikin Geometry collection with its artistic, dynamic fittings.

exclusive lines of furniture products




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We are open to individual cooperation and personal design projects.
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