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Transforma is an architecture and interior design studio for luxury villas, residences, public spaces and business apartments.

We bid defiance to the habitual notions of luxurity, exclusivity and high style and bring our art up through the verge of achievable. We do things that become believable only because they were once realised.

Growth and expansion

The only figure in this list that one cannot influence is the number of days in a year. The others are a matter of growth. We are ready to accept talented men and women in our team to discover new cities and countries, and, of course, to increase the portfolio of new projects. We do and we have:

  1. 360+
    Days of brainstorming sessions a year
  2. 100+
    Completed projects in style 'de luxe'
  3. 10+
    Cities around the world where our ideas were embodied
  4. 30+
    Professionals who turn ideas into fine arts

what we do

Our specialization


Developing an image of living spaces unique in aesthetics and functionality, our designers are not bound in the frames of one style. We revise patterns of different countries and ages, striving for a holistic, complete and sometimes unexpected view.


Noble high-class hotels, business centers and resorts deluxe are the places where the secret code is hidden. Designing projects for public spaces, in search of a fresh look we take the position of uncompromising perfectionism, and integrate fine arts to "just a miracle".


The best result can be guaranteed when the customer and architect have the same viewpoint. We strive to see the future project through the eyes of the customer and fulfill the space with our vision based on a variety of architectural styles and techniques.


The pinnacle of "style de luxe" lies in Italy. Having contracts with the legislators of furniture and interior fashion, we supply from here exclusive details that by no retail or an auction, and by no dealers can be obtained, but only straight from the manufacturer.

A skillful team of professionals shares the values and beliefs of the company and acts heart to heart achieving the set goals. We develop and implement projects of any scale and complexity.

Philosophy "de luxe"

The company's philosophy is based on four "transformation points". They are: challenge, specialization, service, individualism.


Our design and architecture is always a challenge. We find and carry out ideas and images that were in no existence before. We give life to daring ideas, unrealizable at first glance. For them we compose a solution and think over the technical implementation. And then invite the best performer, no matter how expensive it could be, and what country he is living in.


We are constantly focused on only one activity. This is our profile, our life, our passion. Knowledge and experience of each member and of the entire team opens the door to exceptional results.


To ensure architectural supervision of all objects, we have organized 24-hour information support for our customers. In any timezone, at any time of day or night, you can phone and get a detailed report on how the process is going on.


Each project born and brought to perfection in our studio is an anthem to individualism recorded in form and space. The keynote is lifestyle and picture of the world of the customer. And of course the elements complementing and completing this picture.

In style of transformation

Implementing all famous styles and techniques in architecture and design, we do not dwell on impressive sketches. We go further and bring any project to its best completion. Our credo is to find new ideas and create on the edge of tradition and modernity, fantasy and reality, art and technology.

The headquarters of the company is in Italy. From here to any point of the globe we export high technologies of architecture and design, pieces of furniture art, interior and decor. And that's not all: the project of any complexity will be implemented anywhere in the world. We transfer ideas, projects and control the process.


Transforma Showroom
D3 Co-Working Building 06, Units R09, RM09
FZ-LLC PO Box 56739
Dubai Design District, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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